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‘coronavirus spread across villages’


BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Tuesday said that the government is trying to mislead people with its ‘false’ claim of keeping the coronavirus situation under control through the virus has now spread to rural areas of the country.

Talking to reporters while distributing corona safety gears among journalists at Kurigram Press Club, he said Awami League leaders are trying to appease the Prime Minister with their ‘false’ assertions and ‘fabricated’ information about the virus situation.

“Obaidul Quader has said corona is under control. But the reality is the virus has spread badly across the country, including villages. Ruling party leaders are making such comments only to hush up the real situation,” said Rizvi.

The BNP leader said corona would not have spread so alarmingly across the country had the government taken adequate preventive measures at the early stage. “The government didn’t sincerely work to contain the virus. The government has completely failed to control the corona situation”

He said many people, including prominent persons, died of the deadly virus, but the government is not letting people know the real situation of the virus outbreak.

“People could have made aware of the corona had they been provided genuine information about the country’s situation. AL govt still can’t realize its consequences,” Rizvi observed.


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