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3 Common items you should never flush down your toilet


Not everyone realises the toilet is not a general disposal unit for the rubbish they are not sure how to throw away – things like baby wipes, leftover medicines or cat litter are gone in a flash.

But it is important to understand that such things can seriously clog up the works and cause internal damage to the plumbing.

Baby wipes
Baby wipes and wet wipes are one of the main causes of clogging. They may seem harmless, but in large numbers daily they can build up and clog the pipes and damage the toilet.

Wipes do not disintegrate properly, including those that are said to be flushable because of the material they are made of – bamboo fibre, cotton fibre or non-woven fibre. These fibres do not break down.

Medication may dissolve in water, but the chemicals can create a toxic brew in the water system. (Rawpixel pic)
It seems easiest to flush leftover medication down the toilet. After all, it dissolves in water, does it not?

While that is true, the chemicals these medications contain can create a seriously toxic brew.

One must remember that these chemicals do not magically disappear, they need to be treated. So, being more careful will help reduce toxic waste and make for a healthier water system.

Cat litter
Cat litter makes water more difficult to purify and clogs the pipes. (Pixabay pic)
Some people think that since human waste is flushed down the toilet, why not that of cats’ as well?

Cat litter makes water more difficult to purify during the treatment stage and cat waste contains a parasite called Toxoplasma, which is harmful to humans.

It can also clog pipes and damage the septic system as some toilets do not produce enough water during flushing to push the litter down.


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