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Alauddin Ali to be buried at Martyred Intellectuals Graveyard


Legendary music director and composer Alauddin Ali will be laid to rest at Martyred Intellectuals Graveyard in Mirpur of the capital today.

The first Namaz-e-Janaza of Alauddin Ali held at Taltola mosque premises after Johr prayers.

Later, he will be buried at the Intellectuals Graveyard after his second janaza to be held on the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) premises.

Alauddin Ali passed away on Sunday afternoon in a hospital in the capital after fighting a long battle with lung cancer.  He was 67.

Born on December 24, 1952, in Munshiganj’s Tongibari, Alauddin Ali grew up in a musical environment. His father Jadob Ali was a staff artiste of Bangladesh Betar. His uncle Sadek Ali and cousins Dhir Ali Miah, Mansur Ali, Yunus Ali and Momotaz Uddin were music directors and composers in the 1960s.

Ali began his career as a violin player in Zahir Raihan’s movie ‘Behula’. Though he initially assisted renowned music director Altaf Mahmud, he spent years assisting acclaimed composer Anwar Parvez.

His first composed song ‘O amar Bangla ma tor’ was telecast on Bangladesh Television in 1972. His debut film as a music director was Mir Mohammad Halim’s ‘Shondhikkhon’.

But his songs in Dara Shikoh’s ‘Fakir Majnu Shah’ and Amjad Hossain’s ‘Golapi Ekhon Traine’ became so popular that he didn’t need to look back.

In the consequent years, he became the busiest music director of Bangaladesh’s film industry and directed music in more than 300 movies.

Later, he worked ten years for His Master’s Voice (HMV) and directed music in many movies in Kolkata as well.

Surjodoye tumi, Amay gethe dauna mago, Je chilo drishtir shimanay, Shukhe thako o amar nondini, Jetuku shomoy tumi, Achen amar muktar, Chokher nojor emni koira, Shobai bole boyosh bare, Keu konodin amare to, Amonoto prem hoy, Ei duniya ekhon to ar, Parina bhule jete, Jonmo theke jolchi mago, Ekbar Jodi keu bhalobashto, Baba bole gelo, Chinechi tomare, Bhengeche pinjor, Shotojonomer swapno, Bhalobasha joto boro, Akasher shob tara, Keno asha bedhe rakhi are some of his most popular songs.

Alauddin Ali won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Music Director five times for the films ‘Golapi Ekhon Traine’ (1978), ‘Sundori’ (1979), ‘Koshai’ (1980), ‘Jogajog’ (1988) and ‘Lakhe Ekta’ (1990).

He won the Best Lyricists, and Best Music Composer awards for the films ‘Premik’ (1985) and ‘Laal Doriya’ (2002) respectively.

Alauddin Ali was known as the melody king of Bangladesh’s film industry. His death is an irreparable loss for the nation.


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