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Govt plans billions for healthcare


The government has planned to spend Tk 935.81 billion up to 2022-23 fiscal year starting from the current one for the health sector development.
The allocation for the current 2020-21 fiscal year is Tk 292.47 billion, while Tk 306.35 billion for 2021-22 fiscal and Tk 336.99 billion for 2022-23 fiscal, shows an official document.

The government is committed to providing health services at the doorsteps of people as the government has been working for building a healthy, enthusiastic and proactive population through ensuring quality health services, nutrition, affordable and standard family planning, in a statement.

There is a plan to set up 250 new community clinics in the current fiscal year. Now, there are 13,812 community clinics across the country providing preliminary healthcare. Forty people, mostly women and children, are receiving medical services every day on average from each of these clinics.

In the mid-term, the document says, the government will give the highest priority to autistic and other people who need special attention. It mentions that the government will take programmes for ensuring healthcare and other social facilities for them, too.


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