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70% returnee migrants are still unemployed: IOM


Around 70 percent of migrants who returned to the country from abroad between February and June 2020 are still unemployed.

The International Organisation of Migration (IOM) published the study reports.

Nearly 70 percent of surveyed migrants who returned to Bangladesh between February and June remained unemployed, according to a study covering 12 districts.

The findings of the study have been presented in a report titled “Rapid Assessment of Needs and Vulnerabilities of Internal and International Return Migrants in Bangladesh”.

The report was made public on August 10 at a virtual briefing hosted by IOM, said a press release today.

According to the press release, “Returnee migrants experienced reintegration challenges which included difficulties in securing employment, financial problems (lack of income and accumulating debt), and health-related issues.”

“Unplanned, large-scale returns of unemployed migrant workers affect remittance-dependent communities across the country where each migrant worker supports three members of his/her household on average,” it said.

Around 64 percent of international migrants indicated that following the Covid-19 outbreak they struggled to access information and health services in the countries in which they were working in.


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