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“Amrai Agami” paint speed breakers


Unmarked speed breakers have become death traps for commuters on Chowgacha-Purapara, Chowgacha-Chadpara, and Chowgacha-Patibila roads.

The speed breakers cannot be seen even from a short distance as there are no colored markings or any other sign.

Bike riders sustain severe injuries as they often fall on the road when they cross the speed breakers.

“Amrai Agami” organization of Chowgacha-Purapara, Chowgacha-Chadpara, and Chowgacha-Patibila roads, painted speed breaker on 13th August-early morning. It was very necessary to take such an initiative.

Azimur Rahman, President of the organization, Abdur Rahman Badhan, Fahad Al Tamim and Shatdru Hossain Mahir, General Secretary DM Adar, Joint General Secretaries Mahfuz Alam and Jisan Ahmed, Organizing Secretary Mahmud Al Sayem, Finance Secretary Abdul Al Mamun, Deputy Publicity Secretary Saif Annan, Action Secretary Sajib Joyaddar, Member Amit Hasan, Sakibur Rahman Source, Tamjid Rahman Tamim, BM Shakil, was there.

On behalf of the organization, thanks to Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mr. Engineer Enamul Haque, Upazila Chief Engineer, Vice Chairman Debashish Mishra Joy, and Social Worker, businessman  Hasibur Rahman.


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