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PM Modi may request MS Dhoni to play 2021 T20 World Cup: Shoaib Akhtar


Former Pakistan pace blower Shoaib Akhtar is known for making controversial statements but one that no one can take away from him is the fact that he was an express pace bowler and the fastest blower of them all in modern-day cricket.

He believes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi might request MS Dhoni to come out of retirement and play in the T20 World Cup slated to be held in India 2021.

Dhoni, on August 15, announced his retirement from international cricket, thus bringing an end to an illustrious career spanning 16 years.

“I think he (Dhoni) could have gone on to play the T20 World Cup. The way India supports its stars, the way they love them, and recognises them, they would have played him in T20s. But it was his personal choice,” Akhtar said in an interview with YouTube channel ‘BolWasim’.

Akhtar said that the 39-year-old might make a comeback to international cricket on the request of Prime Minister Modi.

“You never know, the Prime Minister may call him and request him to play the T20 World Cup. It is very much possible. Imran Khan was asked by General Zia-ul-Haq not to leave cricket after 1987, and he played,” he said.

“You cannot say no to the Prime Minister.

“I think Prime Minister of India should request him to lead India in the 2021 T20 World Cup,” he added.

The ‘Rawalpindi Express’ also said that India owes Dhoni a grand farewell.

“India will be geared up to give him a farewell game, trust me. If he doesn’t want it, it is a different thing, but India will be ready,” the 45-year-old added.

Dhoni turned up for India in 350 ODIs, 90 Tests and 98 T20Is, affecting a staggering number of 829 dismissals behind the stumps.


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