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Akshay Kumar Goes on Adventure with Bear Grylls


After Prime Minister Narendra Modi and superstar Rajinikanth, actor Akshay Kumar will soon be seen going on an adventure with Bear Grylls.

The actor will be featuring on an upcoming episode of the show Into The Wild With Bear Grylls.

“You thinking I mad, but mad only going into the wild,” Akshay wrote on Twitter, sharing a teaser for the episode, which sees the actor and the host in a jungle environment, swinging towards each other on ropes.

The actor reportedly shot for the episode earlier this year at Mysuru’s Bandipur Tiger Reserve. A Bollywood Hungama report quoted a source as saying,

“Akshay Kumar makes for an ideal guest on Man Vs Wild. He’s agile, energetic, and quite fit as we all know. He can easily roam around in the difficult terrain of the forest and make for a great company with Bear Grylls. Akshay hopes to learn the survival techniques from Bear. The British adventurer hopes to imbibe some of his admirable qualities. We assure it’ll be an episode to watch out for!”

Among the celebrities that have featured on the show are actors Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts, tennis player Roger Federer, basketball star Michael Jordan, and President Barack Obama.


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