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Bangladesh’s generosity in hosting Rohingya ‘extraordinary’


The United Kingdom (UK) has lauded the extraordinary generosity of Bangladesh in hosting hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas, particularly in the last three years.

At the same time, London pledged that it would continue efforts to ensure accountability of the crimes committed by Myanmar against the Rohingyas and their safe return back home to Rakhine.

“Today, we pay tribute to the extraordinary generosity of the people and the Government of Bangladesh in hosting Rohingya refugees, especially over the last three years,” the British High Commission in Dhaka said in a statement on Tuesday.

“We also acknowledge the incredible resilience, courage and tenacity of Rohingya people in the face of adversity,” it said.

“We will continue advocating for accountability on the part of Myanmar for crimes committed against the Rohingya population, and push for the safe, voluntary and dignified return of the Rohingya people to their homes in Rakhine state,” it added.

Since the beginning of the current crisis in 2017, the UK has been supporting Rohingya refugees with emergency lifesaving and life-sustaining support and prioritizing our assistance to reduce pressure on the host community, said the statement.


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