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Decision on reopening schools, colleges


The government has framed a plan to re-open schools and other educational institutions in a phase-wise manner beginning. The govt has finalized the policies and procedures for opening educational institutions in compliance with the health rules.

The decision to reopen schools could be taken by Thursday, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education said.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today approved the proposal sent by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

No Primary Education Certificate (PEC) examinations will be held this year centrally. However, the exams will be held in the respective institutions.

The ministry will soon issue a notification over the plan to reopen the educational institutions in compliance with the health guidelines of the World Health Organization and other international organizations. At the same time, it will be conveyed to the school authorities in the form of instructions.

On August 18, the primary and mass education ministry sent a proposal to the Prime Minister’s Office, seeking the PM’s approval to cancel this year’s PEC and its equivalent Ibtedayi Education Completion exams. Later it was sent to the ministry today with the approval from the Prime Minister’s Office.

According to the draft plan, the clean-up activities have to be started in the presence of teachers, staff and members of the School Management Committee (SMC) at least 15 days before the government gives instructions to reopen the school. Schools should be cleaned and conducive to taking classes.

Adequate water supply should be ensured. Soap and water should be provided for hand washing at the school gate or entrance. Everyone will be entered into the school by measuring the body temperature with a thermometer.

Three or four students will no longer be able to sit on the same bench as before. Two students should be seated on one bench while maintaining social distance. Students in pre-primary to fifth grade will no longer have classes six days a week as before. Classes could be taken two or three days a week or two-three classes per day.

However, the fourth graders have been asked to give more importance to take classes. In addition, the headmaster, assistant teachers, and members of the SMC have been asked to decide which subject will be taken on which day considering the importance.


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