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Why should we read the holy Quran?


The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in the month of Ramadan for us to seek knowledge, reflect and ponder upon it.

Benefits Of Reading Quran In Our Life
The best of you are the ones who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others”

The last Holy book of Allah has numerous benefits in this life and afterlife. The following are some major benefits of Reading the Holy Quran are as following.

High Reward
First of all the biggest benefit of the Holy Quran for Muslims is the reward of reading. They are multiple other benefits however rewards carry a lot of importance for Muslims. We believe in the afterlife and rewards are the only things that can make us successful.

It raises our standard in the eyes of Allah and makes us pious. There are 10 rewards for reading even a single word of the Quran. There are multiple other things you must know regarding the reading of the Holy Quran to make yourself eligible for rewards.

= Ablution
= Neat and clean clothes
= Complete Silence
= Proper Concentration
= Recitation with Tafseer
= Read gently and perfectly, etc
= Source Of Forgiveness

Quran is a source of forgiveness on the day of judgment. There are special from Allah to the Muslims who learn the Quran by heart. The person who read the Quran regularly will get special rewards from Allah on the Day of Judgement. what can be great for a Muslim to get into heaven afterlife?

The proof: Aboo Umaamah relates that the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: “Read the Qur’an, for verily it will come on the Day of Standing as an intercessor for its companions.”

 Blessings Of Allah
Quran is the words of God. It’s a book of guidance that also comprises beautiful words of praise for Allah. These Ayats are a powerful source of getting special attention to Allah. Above all, we can also use words of the Holy books to seek blessings and forgiveness.

Holy Quran comprises of different Surah which is also used for different problems, blessings, and forgiveness. The beautiful names of Allah also create a lot of impact in our prayers. In fact, we can read and recite the Holy Quran for the blessings of Allah too.

Holy Book For Guidance
No doubt all the rewards, virtues matter the most however Holy Quran is originally a book of guidance for the entire universe. Most importantly, it’s also known as the best book of Law too. Quran discusses every matter of life with the best suggestion and solution, etc.

Holy Quran guides about every matter of Life. Above all, it explains everything from the origin of the world until its end. Most importantly defines rules and regulation about how we can live a successful life. We can follow the teaching to make our life meaningful and productive. It guides us about every important element of our religion.

Solution Of Problems
One of the harsh realities of this materialistic world is that’s it is full of problems. Today everybody even wealthy and rich persons are dealing with a lot of problems. We need the guidance of Allah, that how we can get rid of these problems.

Allah has provided us a perfect book of guidelines for our help. In fact, the Quran speaks about everything related to an individual as well as to a state or country. Most importantly when you read and understand the Quran you find it as it’s only written for you.


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